2016 Electro buses without drivers drive for the first time in the...

2016 Electro buses without drivers drive for the first time in the Switzerland


Looking for a ride in a bus without driver? Then in the Swiss town Sion. There Electro buses without pilot through the area to drive huh spring 2016 actually.

In the Switzerland advances the vision of autonomous driving within reach: the bus company PostBus wants to run two self-propelled Electro buses by nearly 33,000 resident’s big city Sitten (Sion) in the canton of Valais. In December start for tests on an area cordoned-off. Spring 2016, PostBus will then release the self-propelled vehicles on the road.

It will be the first time that a transportation company uses this technology in public spaces in the Switzerland.

Top speed is comfortable with 20 km/h

The buses come from the French manufacturer Navya. They are with a length of 4.80 m and a width of 2,05 m so compact that they only nine accommodate passengers. Even at the speeds they take prefer it: the bread boxes in the post look reach a top speed of only 20 km/h, must be so probably often picked over from cyclists. There is a bus driver in the no longer. The buses have no steering wheel still gas or brake pedal. Instead about control and monitoring software of the Swiss startups BestMile and modern sensors, the positions of other vehicles, just capture passers-by and traffic signs on a few centimeters.

And still get the buses not without human assistance. It will ride always a companion that suggests threat on an emergency button and instantly stops the car.