Annually 1 billion € for green electricity generation

Annually 1 billion € for green electricity generation


RWE wants similar to Eon its business in two parts to split. Important part of the new daughter with the Arbeitsnamen Newco is an old be – since 2008, existing RWE Innogy, has been the renewable energies combined. Now, should networks and distribution will be added.

Offshore wind power is the future of RWE by the decomposition of the group get more attention.
The Board have decided that the business fields of renewable energies, networks and sales in a new subsidiary, to bundle, informed the Board of the Essen-based RWE group in early December. The Supervisory Board confirmed the decision at the end of last week. The new daughter is the 23 million customers from the areas of distribution and networks of support. In the mother of RWE AG remains in the trading and the conventional power plant business, on the Basis of Gas, coal and lignite, and nuclear power.

Expected end of 2016, RWE has a share of 10 % of the new subsidiary via a capital increase to the stock exchange. At the same time or even later, there could be more shares to be sold, it was said that RWE should but in the long term the majority shareholder to stay.

According to RWE CEO Peter deuterium should the proceeds also to the Expansion of the portfolio will be used; this was for a Long time is no longer possible, because the uncertainty in the context of the German energy transition the portfolio of investors closed.