Elon Musk wants by 2020 with its own spacecraft to the ISS...

Elon Musk wants by 2020 with its own spacecraft to the ISS fly


The infectious full visions billionaire Elon Musk currently once again ensures a corresponding media frenzy. The high speed rail “Hyperloop” made a few days ago again about talking. In addition a new was announced today Tesla Stromer. The model 3 is a fairly cheap (32,000 euros) electric crossover, which will further promote environmentally friendly driving and come no later than 2018 on the mark. A third project, musk is the space. More precisely, musk realized an another childhood dream that is characterized by traveling into space with the company SpaceX. In four to five years musk wants with its own spacecraft to the ISS fly. From 2025, the visionary would fly the first humans to Mars.

Elon Musk is traded as a Steve Jobs of the present, and is a true Jack-of-all-trades, who above all one has, namely lots of courage. That his Tesla company wrote, for example, for many years red numbers to go by no means discouraged musk and to believe in a future for electric cars. Despite derision from the competition camps, Tesla now transformed itself into a leading company in the industry.

Continue with the journey into space. Musk also stimulates that only two possibilities remain the humanity in the future in the core. Is the person on Earth evolve to become a global disaster victims then probably or courage species try and a life on alien planet in perhaps yet unknown solar systems into consideration have proven to be multi planet ARIA to draw. The latter is considerably more exciting musk.