Flying Builders

Flying Builders


In this project architects and a artificial intelligence specialist unite their skills and information. The result’s a half-dozen meter tall tower engineered with 1500 foam bricks. This installation is termed “Flight Assembled Architecture” and was opened on December 1-st, 2011, at the FRAC Centre in Orleans, near Paris. The artificial intelligence specialist is Raffaello D’andrea, architects names square measure Fabio Gamazio and Matthias Kohler, all from ETH Zurich.


Simply explained, the tower is constructed as follows. At the start robots grab foam bricks from the bottom. at the moment the quadcopters receive the data concerning wherever precisely the bricks ought to be placed on. the precise coordinates square measure supported a close digital blueprint of the building. Next they take-off and produce the bricks on their places. once the robot’s battery is exhausted, it mechanically lands on a charger space and a replacement flying automaton replaces him. Four robots square measure used at a similar time.


Gamazio and Kohler draw a project for a “vertical village” and this foam tower is 1:100 model of it. If engineered for real, it’d be 600m high and every “brick” would interference to 3 levels of dwellings or cinemas, totally different outlets, etc. thirty 000 individuals would be ready to board an area like that.


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Hands down the best advice I ever received was, 'The longest way begins with one step'. I have always been drawn to figuring out what makes things work and how they are put together. In high school I had the opportunity to take part in several science fair projects that allowed me to see first hand what engineering really was. It was great to take a question and systematically evaluate the validity of a solution.