Gimmick for engineers: wash with ultrasound

Gimmick for engineers: wash with ultrasound


Engineers will love it: wash with ultrasound. What makes the dentist at dental cleaning, namely dirt ultrasound solve, promises now also a small device in the form of soaps, the next year on the market. Read about how it works here.

It is no coincidence that the name of the new washing miracle Dolfi immediately brings the association with a dolphin in the head. The connection is between the animal and the high-tech device that both take advantage of ultrasonic waves. Dolphins orient themselves with these sound waves inaudible to humans and to track their prey via echolocation.

Lena Solis, the founder of the young company headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, had the idea for Dolfi. She was travelling a lot, hate hand wash and have made bad experiences with local laundries, the native Ukrainian told the blueprint magazine a few months ago. She knew that there are numerous application possibilities for Ultrasound in technical areas as cleaning materials.

Then she visited many laboratories in Germany and of Switzerland, in which ultrasonic applications are developed. “I was really surprised that this great technology has found so far hardly the way to the consumer and their needs,” Solis said.