Google shows you how to become a better manager

Google shows you how to become a better manager


Google has explored what makes a really good Manager. The result: Teams with a good Manager are happier and more productive. Eight properties share all the great managers.


A few days ago has Google staff Chief Laszlo Bock with re: work launched a platform that will help to improve the working environment for employees. Are to be found on re: work in the future, case studies, tools, and tips. Of course also good leaders belong to a good working environment. What makes a good Manager, summed up Google in an own guide.

Google survey: Employee rate Manager

To find out the characteristics of a good Manager, Google has both consulted the results of employee surveys as well performance evaluations. The result: Good managers are not a source of additional bureaucracy, but to ensure that their teams are happier and more productive.

Also, Google has discovered eight properties should be all good managers. This includes that the Manager is results-oriented and productive work and career development helps its employees – a good coach and Communicator, and this is not undermined.

Guidance for managers

Who want deeper work up into the topic, for which Google has on re: work instructions provided, in which (potential) Manager about can learn how to set up and communicates a shared vision of the team. There are also tips about employee motivation, or as professionally and personally on his team is.

Who would like to perform an own survey to find out about what do the employees within the company by their superiors and what suggestions for improvement may exist, find a comprehensive tutorial on the Google platform also.