In leadership 4.0 is constructive Interfere with desirable

In leadership 4.0 is constructive Interfere with desirable


The idea of the smart factory calls for the German industry. It not only puts new demands on the engineering Sciences, but also to the business. Traditional management models are put to the test. The Maschinenbauunternehmer Manfred Wittenstein explains how industry 4.0, the leadership culture will shape.

“Industry 4.0” has been for some time all the rage, sometimes even inflated in use, and a plaque for some mischief. In the core, however, it is unquestionably a topic of great relevance especially for advanced economies and key industries, such as machinery and plant engineering. For my company, with his claim, the global market leader in the field of mechatronic drive technology to be, anyway.

In the meantime, the cyber-physical Wertschöpfungsvision drawn, the economic potentials for Germany have been determined. The results give reason for optimism. At the state, verbandspolitischer and entrepreneurial level, everywhere it is the subject of intense discussion over issues of Geschäftsmodellinnovation, the manufacturing technologies and processes, the legal-institutional conditions, the data security, the training and development of employees. There have long been many impressive Umsetzungserfolge of great Benefit.

And yet: I umschleicht has Long been the suspicion that a crucial question too little attention. A question, whose successful answer at the end of the day decisive for the war may be, the question, namely “What new challenges do you see for the top Management to and how is it so intelligent?”