In the aircraft, it will always close

In the aircraft, it will always close


When Niki and Air Berlin fell on up to 28 inch seat pitch, Air Berlin Group accommodates more passengers than AUA


Vienna /Berlin – not only the Austrian Airlines (AUA) squeeze more passengers on its Airbus plane, also at the competitors Niki and whose mother Air Berlin dropped the seat pitch – up to 28 inch, only more 71.1 centimeters and the current minimum. The AUA announced recently that on the A319 and A320 economy class the seat pitch of 30 on 29 inch reduced them.


“At Air Berlin the seat pitch is 28 inches 29 inches behind the over wing exit in the A320 front”, Air Berlin spokeswoman Melanie Schyja said this week of the APA. The seat pitch in the first two rows at 30 inches, lies with Niki in the middle in the back row with 28 inch and 29 inch, so the next speaker.


AUA caused excitement


Three weeks ago, as the AUA with the lower seat pitch caused excitement, had it still in unison said Air Berlin and Niki, the seat pitch amounts to 30 inch – approximately 76 cm. The German seat manufacturer Recaro declared affiliated to APA request: “it is not possible to provide an Airbus A320 with 180 seats, to keeping a minimum seat pitch 30 inches for all rows of seats. This applies regardless of seat manufacturer and install seat model.” Schyja indicates that the seat pitch on the A320 have changed in the last 15 months.


The two German air companies Lufthansa and Air Berlin, including subsidiaries of Austrian AUA and Niki use the same type of seat Recaro BL 3520 in their Airbus fleet. In an A320 Niki and Air Berlin accommodate the 180 passengers, Lufthansa and AUA’s are currently the 168 seats. It should be a number in the future, the number of seats increases to 174.