Leonardo Da Vinci’s prototypes

Leonardo Da Vinci’s prototypes


Leonardo Da Vinci  was associate Italian creative person and scientist World Health Organization lived throughout the Renaissance era, between April fifteenth 1452 and also the second of might, 1519. His works embody wide selection of topics, like painting, sculpturing, mathemathics, engineering, design, music, antomy, geology, earth science and biological science. currently we’re reaching to take a better read over his engineering inventions, that were way prior their time.

1. Spring powered automobile. This invention is at the primary place, as a result of it gathers characteristics of some later and gift machines. this can be the primary created operating automobile, conjointly the spring mechanism is employed later to power watches, and a few folks take into account it because the initial mechanical pc owing to the very fact that its movement direction is programmable.


2. Knight robot. technologist used his studies and information regarding human anatomy and believed that the human movements can be performed by machine. Lead by his religion, he designed a golem coated by knight armour. This golem was able to walk, stand, sit, raise his arms and open and shut his mouth, and conjointly to maneuver his head aspect to aspect. sadly, this golem was lost or destroyed.


3. Tank. This vehicle was battery-powered by the hands of 4 men and supported many canons. To defend his work storage spies and potential enemies, he placed the gears in reverse order, that created the tank unusable.



4. Parachute. This style was testen on June twenty fifth, 2000. Tests was succesful and also the tester declared that flight was sander than standard parachutes, neglecting the very fact that district attorney Vinci’s Parachute had no hole within the high for ballance.


5. Helicopter. it absolutely was alleged to start up exploitation spiral propellor, battery-powered by movement of 4 men. it absolutely was ne’er able to fly, however constant principle within the gift helicopters.


6. Glider. This invention was nearest to success in flying. the initial style had no horizontal stabiliser, however cluster of enthusiasts additional a horizontal stabiliser in their try for re-creation as they believed technologist didn’t additional horizontal stabiliser purposely. Tests happened on November eighteenth, 2002, and that they were sure-fire because the longest flight continuing eighteen seconds.

6-0 6-Leonardo-da-vinci-glider

7.Machine gun. It consists of 3 tiers with eleven barrels in every. whereas the primary tier is discharged the second can be loaded and also the third is cooled down at constant time.


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Hands down the best advice I ever received was, 'The longest way begins with one step'. I have always been drawn to figuring out what makes things work and how they are put together. In high school I had the opportunity to take part in several science fair projects that allowed me to see first hand what engineering really was. It was great to take a question and systematically evaluate the validity of a solution.