Loon copter: This drone can fly, swim and dive

Loon copter: This drone can fly, swim and dive


Drones have already become a popular trend product. There are corresponding products for all budgets. With the Loon copter however Oakland University researchers have developed a drone, which is not only able to fly, but also swimming and diving can. The whole is completed so that the drone from the transition of the diving mode to flight mode needs no help.

Flying, swimming and diving are no problem

The Loon copter is equipped with a special container, which provides among other things under water ballast can be fitted in this sensors or a camera. First of all, the Quadrotor air makes a good figure. With the landing on the surface of the water, the rotors Act then as propulsion for the action. The third mode is finally under the water surface. This tilts the drone forward and move forward with significantly less energy.

Currently it is the Loon copter to a prototype, which is still expandable. So, the drone can be controlled only a few meters below the water surface. The future range of this ALLROUNDER is however more diverse nature. So the drone under other underwater pipelines can monitor accidents contribute to the enlightenment track oil spills in the seas of the world, or investigate.

The Loon drone is one of ten products that could qualify for “Drones for Good” competition held in Dubai in February. A very exciting project.