Mysterious E-car manufacturer to have Apple on board

Mysterious E-car manufacturer to have Apple on board


The US Company Faraday future wants to revolutionize the auto industry. Apple is thought as a donor


Vienna – 400 employees, great ambitions, and many question marks – which Californian company Faraday Futures (FF) currently provides for speculation in the auto industry. All the more so since it has announced its plans for the construction of a new, one billion dollar car plant last week. The site is not yet known, as well as many other details. It is only clear: FF wants to seem large in the promising market for electric-powered vehicles start. 2017 that will present start up a first model – only three years after its inception.


The development is virtually standing out. Concrete designs for an E-car remained the corporate arms still just as guilty as details about the funding of ambitious plans. Also on the homepage hardly information except for some comments on the company’s philosophy. This promotes speculation where the money for the large-scale investments could come.


Apple’s ambitions


Hot tip is currently, that Apple takes the young company financially under the arms. The US group is sitting on cash reserves amounting to nearly 200 billion euros and is very interested in innovations in the field. However, with the project titanium, Apple operates its own E car concept. Continues the number of developers responsible for this, the first vehicle will be presented by 2019.


Faraday also future is striving to win good heads from both the IT and automotive. The workforce to 500 is to be expanded until the end of the year. Among other top people were hired by BMW, Audi, Mercedes and other car giants. Almost all of these companies have even ambitions to conquer the market for electric mobility. Space X FF, inter alia by Google, Facebook, as well as the private aerospace company recruited technology experts.