Nikon D5 officially announced

Nikon D5 officially announced


Nikon has officially announced the upcoming flagship Nikon D5. In addition to Speedlight SB-5000 and also working on a WT-6 Wi-Fi adapter.

Only A Few Nikon News

Since the introduction of the Nikon D7200 in March 2015, there was no official Nikon news. Of course, from time to time various rumors surfaced, but overall, it was comparatively easy to Nikon.

Nikon D5: The New Flagship

Now there’s an official announcement of the manufacturer – however again, and anyone who has followed the Nikon news with us on the page in the last few months, will be not particularly surprised by this message. The company has let namely saying that working on the Nikon D5 and that this camera will be the new flagship. Nikon does not make details at this stage still, speaking only of “at even higher levels of performance and image quality”.

In addition, Nikon has also announced, that soon a new Speedlight SB-5000 and the WT-6 Wi-Fi adapter on the market to come. The next large fair will take place in January 2016 – then the CES 2016. Possibly, there will be new information.

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