Renewable energy: In the United States are now 50,000 wind turbines in...

Renewable energy: In the United States are now 50,000 wind turbines in operation

Energy prices in the United States have fallen dramatically in recent years. This is mainly because that throughunconventional production methods better known as fracking the domestic oil and gas production solid is increased.Must so not more expensive imported fossil fuels. This however isn’t a solution for all ages. Because firstly the frackingbrings massive disadvantages for the environment, and on the other hand, fossil fuels already by definition is limited. Withthe help of tax relief the Government has promoted hence the development of environmentally friendly wind energy andcertainly with success: nationwide, more than 50,000 wind turbines are now active.
Together, these modern windmills here have a capacity of 70 gigawatts. This somewhat abstract number can be fill with life,when one draws a comparison value. So correspond to 70 gigawatts in approximately the amount of common electricity demand in the States of Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado and Wyoming. The rates of growth are still impressive. Atthe beginning of the year, the installed capacity of all wind turbines only amounted to 65 gigawatts. More wind turbines witha total capacity of 13.25 gigawatts are already under construction, of which around four gigawatts are nearing completion.