The robotics is that the science and technology of robots. It deals with the look, manufacture and application of robots. robotics combines numerous disciplines such as: the mechanics, the physics, the pc, the synthetic intelligence and management engineering. different vital square measureas in robotics are the pure mathematics, the programmable logic and state machines.

The term golem was popularized with the success of the play RUR (Rossum’s Universal Robots), written by Karel author in 1920. within the English translation of this work, the Czech word robota, which means forced labor, was translated into English as a golem.

History of robotics

The history of robotics has been joined to the development of “artifacts” that attempted to embody the human want to form beings in his likeness and transfer it work. The Spanish engineer designer Torres Quevedo (GAP) (who engineered the primary device for cars by telegraphy while not wire, the chess machine, the primary air shuttle and plenty of different mills) coined the term “automatic” in regard to the idea of automating tasks historically related to humans.

Karel Capek, a author Czech, coined in 1921. the term “Robot” in his play “Rossum’s Universal Robots / RUR” from the word Czech robota , which implies thrall or forced labor. robotics is that the term coined by author, process the science of robots. author conjointly created the 3 Laws of robotics . In phantasy, man has imaginary the robots visiting new worlds, gaining power, or just relieving the house work.
Classification of robots:

According to the chronology this is often the foremost common classification:
Generation one.
Manipulators. they’re multifunctional systems with an easy mechanical system, either manual or mounted sequence of variable sequence.
Generation two.
Robots square measure learning. Repeat a sequence of movements that has been antecedently dead by somebody’s operator. The thanks to do that is thru a machine. The operator performs the specified movements whereas the golem remains and stores.
Generation three.
Sensorised management robots. The controller could be a laptop running a program, orders and sends them to the handler to perform the mandatory movements.
Generation four.
Intelligent robots. kind of like higher than however even have sensors that send data to the management laptop on the standing of the method. this permits them intelligent decision-making and management of real time process.

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