Robots use in rehabilitation

Robots use in rehabilitation


The robot can be used for human operations in hostile environments to perform (in space, in the deep sea or on the battlefield). Or numbing for very precise actions to perform (in the industrial, household or medicine).
In rehabilitation applications, the robot hand to ordinary everyday actions to perform. The robot compensates the limitation of the user. In addition there are three approaches:

  • A robot that runs with the three robotic laws, as a sort of assistant to certain tasks. The technical design philosophy of such a robot assistant is equal to what is described above. The user gives commands to the assistant which he must understand and implement. This requires a “high” semantic communication between the user and the assistant. Moreover, the robot must have a good repeatable and predictable features. That is difficult in an unstructured environment.
  • A manipulator that no robot can be named because together with the user as an acting unit he should be considered. Task, job, planning and collision avoidance by the useing real-time. The eyes of the user and the interpretation of what he sees replace optical sensors and interpretation software. Interpretation of an image requires recognition of the environment and objects therein. This requires either a “technical software moderate” or a “human” virtual world model. Man today it is far superior. This approach gives the user free rein to his creativity as it functions in real-time spot can think and execute. Drawback is the slowness of control because the level of movement takes place and not “abstract task” level (as in the robot: make dinner). All movements should be sent with weak finger or eye movement.
  • The combination of robot and manipulator: A manipulator can remember and redo the tasks. Advantage is the acceleration of the movement of already learned tasks. The disadvantage is the extensive language between the user and the robot at different semantic levels (complex and simple movement task). Also the the robot must have higher mechanical precision because he lacks the feedback from the user. And also potential conflicts between the virtual world of the user and the robot.

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