Smartphone Trends 2016: Innovation in the Luggage

Smartphone Trends 2016: Innovation in the Luggage


The great gold rush seems to be over, but new service providers, technical features, and services will ensure that on the Smartphone market no time to be bored. The just ended trade fair CES in Las Vegas and the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of February are likely to show where the trip this year goes.

Since Apple in 2007 with the multi-touch Display of the first iPhone the mobile phone market has revolutionized, waiting for the industry in the next breakthrough Innovation. Although mutant the Taschentelefone with their increasing screen sizes becoming more and more ever-ready surfboards, with which, thanks to super-fast Four – to Achtkern processors are excellent on the mobile Internet wave riding – but the big Wow-effect remained.

So struggled Apple CEO Tim Cook said during the presentation of the iPhone 6S in September in vain, an advanced Display with three levels of pressure (“3D Touch”) as a stroke of genius to emphasize, especially since up to now almost only Apple’s own Apps, the technology support.

Besides, after Huawei with the Mate’s also the rest of the competition quickly retrofit: The market researchers from IHS expect that in 2016 every fourth newly introduced Smartphone with a pressure indicator will come up – including the future premium models from Samsung, Sony and Xiaomi, the Shooting Star among the Asian Smartphone manufacturers.