SweepSense: Impressive feature enhancement for any headphones or speakers

SweepSense: Impressive feature enhancement for any headphones or speakers


With a technology called SweepSense, researchers can extend the functionality of each any speaker or headphones. Is emitted noise on ultrasonic frequencies and measured the intensity of the reflections. So various functions can be implemented, such as headphones, which interrupt the playback of the music, if they are removed from the ear.

The technology at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh has been developed under guidance of a student named Gierad Laput. The special feature of the method: You takes advantage of existing hardware, additional devices are not needed. “The infrastructure is already there, so you’re just riding on top of it,” said Laput.

For the technology, there are a lot of possibilities. So the team developed, for example, a software for smartphones, which emits sound at different ultrasonic frequencies of the two connected in-ear – headphones. Analysis of reflections, the software can determine whether headphones worn and independently of each other just. So the software can interrupt playback of music, for example, if the user takes both earbuds in your ears. Also it would be possible, for example, removing the left earbud with the adoption of a call to link.

When a laptop the researchers succeeded in the ultrasonic waves to determine what angle the display to the casing of the laptop is. Certain actions could be cause, if the display is tilted forward or backward.