The LG has a flexible screen G Flex

The LG has a flexible screen G Flex


From February, LG releases the G Flex on the technology-hungry customers. With a six inch diagonal and curved display, the Phablet is a real eye-catcher. The self-healing are exciting.

Cell phones and Smartphones are typically flat like a bathroom tile. The LG G Flex is different: his huge six-inch screen is vertically curved, so that’s on the phone better adapts itself to the face and brings the microphone closer to the mouth.

It is similar to that competitor offers Samsung nexus S by 2010 and the Nokia 8110i by 1996 with the Galaxy round a Smartphone, where the display is horizontally curved, to minimize reflections.

The LG is not only curved, but flexible in mass G Flex. Is the mobile phone with the front side down on a table, you can press plan it with force, without any damage. Even the battery is flexibly designed.

This is useful when this size, if you sit on a chair with the phone in my pocket. In everyday life the LG should be less breakage G Flex as competitors with similar size.

Screen quality

With six inch, the LG G Flex offers a lush screen. Ideal for surfing, video watching, games or reading E-books. The P-OLED technology to provide high contrast. However, the screen is not quite as sharp as other top Phablets: instead of full-HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels), pixel light up only 1280 x 720.