The world’s largest solar power plant is created in the desert of...

The world’s largest solar power plant is created in the desert of Morocco


In contrast to many Arab countries, there is no oil and gas resources in Morocco. So far, the Kingdom in Northern Africa is dependent on expensive imports of energy. The Government has already announced some time ago to make more in the future on renewable energy. A first part of this project was now officially opened: the world’s largest solar power station is built close to the city of Ouarzazate. Total can be supplied so that later once 1.1 million people with clean energy. This would be proud at least three percent of the population. The construction of the solar power plant was thereby divided into three phases – Noor I, Noor II and Noor III. The first part was officially put into operation.

While no classic solar modules are used, but it is a so-called. Huge mirrors concentrate solar energy and to heat water. The resulting steam is then used to drive turbines and generate energy. Then, after completion of phase three, the power plant will have a capacity of more than 500 megawatts. The first phase now in operation, after all, already comes to a value of 160 megawatts. Interestingly it can be stored produced energy for up to three hours, to take a part of the power supply, for example, in the evening hours.