These were the Ingenieurgeschichten 2015

These were the Ingenieurgeschichten 2015


They are ubiquitous and improve the everyday life of the people. Are meant to be in engineering, but it’s too often underestimated. The controls of the VDI with the “Ingenieurgeschichten”. Here is a selection of ten exciting stories, 2015 have been published.

Silicon Valley: For over 100 years characterize vehicles with internal combustion engines on the street. If it were up to engineer Celine Geiger, would be the gasoline so ripe for the Museum. To the raw material and climate problem to solve, it is not enough, the car will just develop, you have to reinvent it.

As a violinist got the offer in an Electromobility pioneer Tesla to work, she needed to not think about it for long. As Zuverlässigkeitsingenieurin makes since to ensure that the components in electric cars at least as safe and reliable as your benzindurstigen predecessor.

Already during her studies in mechanical engineering grew up with the enthusiasm for electric mobility. A enthusiasm with the you are not alone. “In Silicon Valley are all the little do-gooders. The Motivation is to change something and to move. For me, it was clear: I want eco-friendly vehicles.“

The engineer is responsible for the violinist next to a Awakens another quality: “The enthusiasm, solve problems, and to be innovative.”