This robot takes pictures / Even if children are in bed

This robot takes pictures / Even if children are in bed


Life can be so exhausting: photos for Facebook, learn languages, play sports, take care of the children. How nice that now help is approaching. Alpha 2 is the humanoid robot, which is designed to support the whole family. He brings even the whiny junior to bed. However: Do we really want that?

43 cm he is big, the humanoid robot alpha 2 and runs on the Android operating system. Alpha 2 is a true Alpha Dog, almost an all-rounder. Each family he wants to essential get in, the robot of the Chinese manufacturer of UBTech robotics.

According to the manufacturer, the robot is even Yoga trainer. With the help of its 20 joints, he do almost any figure yet so difficult. His eyes shine thanks to the colored LEDs then beautifully, just as his ear and hand lights make for cute effects.

The mobile robot can play even watchdog. In his own way: He can do the home alarm system to activate and noise detection to detect intruders. Whether that but deterred by Alpha 2 can we dare to doubt. Stupid is also the limited battery power with just 24 WH. Thus, the robot according to the manufacturer is operational only a good hour. For a chase a little bit. A lively Bello appears there but much more effective as a watchdog.