Weather: El Niño is getting stronger

Weather: El Niño is getting stronger


Droughts, fires, floods – the El Niño climate phenomenon is raging more than in the last 15 years. And it worsened further, warn experts.

Experts were still optimistic that the current El Niño and associated weather changes would fail this time probably weak in March. They deceived themselves. In the meantime, he competes with the extreme El Niño of 1997/98, which surprised the world with weather as one of the most violent.

On Monday, the World Organization for meteorology (WMO) in Geneva warned: El Niño will that at the end of the year probably will intensify and lead to extreme weather with possibly dire consequences for the countries in the South Pacific. “This El Niño is the strongest for more than 15 years,” said WMO Director – General Michel Jarraud. “The tropical and sub-tropical zones experience already severe droughts and devastating floods, which bear the stamp of El Niños.”

One reason that the phenomenon is increasing, is global warming, which is caused by emissions of greenhouse gases significantly according to Jarraud. “The global average temperatures have reached new record levels and El Niño fueling them further.”