World record: 100 luminous drones simultaneously dancing in the sky to the...

World record: 100 luminous drones simultaneously dancing in the sky to the Beethoven Symphony No. 5


Together with the chip maker Intel, the Futurelab, Ars Electronica in Austria has managed after months of preparation, to fly 100 drones simultaneously to the Fifth Symphony by Ludwig van Beethoven. The drones in erleuchteteten in various colours and drew impressive 3D images in the night sky. The spectacular video was shown during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. In this article you’ll find the video and also the making of material.

On 5 November the record attempt on the airfield of the airfield of Ahrenlohe in the Schleswig-Holstein Tornesch already started and was also filmed. The whole thing happened without prior notice and should also to be kept somewhat secret to CES. Never before, as many drones, a total of 100 pieces in number, were so professionally coordinated airlifted in a swarm. For this, four pilots were needed, who took over the control and also monitoring from the ground. The drones were stunning 3D images in the sky, which still fits synchronously to the live presentation of the Fifth Symphony by Ludwig van Beethoven of under the swarm Orchestra performed.

The spectacular images in the below embedded video clips speak for themselves. Once again showed what potential in modern drones. The whole certainly has something of a beautiful fireworks display, only without blast effects. In the future, you could arrange but also with a fireworks display of”drones”, I think. An melody accompanying the emotions according to could be played instead of the explosion noises. This is certainly fun, provides WOW effects and also the environment.